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Economic Consulting

It is well known that the Feasibility Study process is the cornerstone for any project. Through feasibility studies, investors can determine the feasibility of the project before actual implementation is started to avoid financial and professional loss. The Feasibility Study is used for, but not limited to: The establishment of new projects within the Kingdom […]

Evaluation of companies and commercial establishments

Taj Business has a specialized expertise in evaluating companies and businesses. It evaluates companies with private and public ownership. Our assessment depends on the historical financial performance and the future business opportunities and risks of the company and uses valuation for consolidation, acquisition and reorganization.

Management Consulting

We prepare the administrative studies in different fields, the most important of which are: Field of Human Resources Studies: Where we are preparing the various studies related to this area, including: Preparation of employment plans and career development. Preparation of systems for selection and selection of employees and employment systems and evaluation of the performance […]

Marketing Research

Our services include the following projects: Conducting marketing surveys. Studying current and future demand and supply of various products and services. Study the marketing share of companies in different sectors. Preparing the integrated market study that includes analyzing the sector at the local and regional level. Studying the attitude and behavior of the consumer. Studying […]

Studies Projects

A study to develop the organizational structure and work procedures of the disabled children’s association. Economic and technical feasibility study for the conversion of Al Muhaidib Building Materials Company from a limited joint stock company to a closed shareholding. Study the management structure of real estate development and development company. Study of the administrative organization […]